Game-Changing Energy Efficiency Innovations to Watch Out for!

Game-Changing Energy Efficiency Innovations to Watch Out for!

By Energy CIO Insights | Thursday, August 29, 2019

A world running on renewable energy system sounds as exciting as using it. As soon as the cost and performance standards of the resources start to improve, people will witness a growing demand for it across the globe.

FREMONT, CA: With passing years, the energy consumption by people is expected to rise from what it is today. Places with access to dependable and affordable forms of energy will become a prime location to acquire a superior standard of living. On the other hand, there will be a vast population left behind with minimal access to the primary energy services in this changing climate. Speculations concerning the future needs gave rise to the innovations that can be of great help for both the increasing demand for humans as well as contributes to climate control.

The Innovation of Energy:

Energy is considered to be the most basic and significant requirement of people around the world. Cities, towns, schools, and commercial areas utilize some form of energy to keep running without any interference. In the world, which is facing a desperate need to modify its energy systems, the pressure of developing a low or no-carbon tech has increased drastically. Urbanized countries, such as the U.S., have already initiated an alteration in their consumption patterns. Apart from that, some companies have begun incorporating clean energy, which is not only difficult to access but also way beyond the affordability of developing countries.

The present day’s clean energy technologies such as solar, wind, electric vehicles, smart grids, and energy storage systems are way expensive. Therefore, it is essential to find a way out of these costly technologies and make renewable energy sources available to the world cost-effectively. Various companies have come up with innovative trends, which are not only cost-effective but are proven energy-saving systems, to facilitate people with such sustainable solutions.

Crucial Energy Innovation Trends:

Developments in technologies affect considerably every sector in the industry, such as the smart grid, energy storage, and electricity generation. Wind and solar power are two rich sources of energy because of their exclusive storage requirement batteries. In cities and states, the presence of smart grip can help in regulating the flow of energy. Besides, the improvements in electricity generation can enhance efficiency by using fossil fuels and renewable sources.

It is possible with the latest trends, which are not only contributors to energy saving but also successful solutions to meet the demands of energy needs.

·   Energy Storage Amenities:

It is easier to meet the demand as well as balance the power supply if there is a sufficient amount of energy stored. The availability of ample amount of energy can be considered the key to handle the irregular challenges of any renewable power. Combining the energy storage system with a renewable source can provide a seamless and stable power supply, even during unfavorable climatic conditions. It is always ideal to have batteries to store energy unless they go out of the budget. People can alternatively look for affordable energy storage technologies that are launched by different companies. It is estimated that rising technologies now will have energy storage as the central component. It will lead to a situation where storage solutions, including domestic energy and utility-scale, will turn into being price competitive by surpassing the advantages of usual energy sources. It has begun in different parts of the world where worn-out electric car batteries are being reused to generate grid energy storage.

·   AI in Microgrids:

Microgrids are local energy grids that operate freely or combined with a largely-built conventional network. The grids are one of the best forms of energy-saving as they offer energy independence and competence. With the help of ML, AI with microgrid controllers can endorse operation advancements even while experiencing constant adaptation. The technique is now widely-adopted as it also aims to deliver productivity with almost 90 percent lesser time and expenses than traditional methods.

·   IoT and Blockchain:

In the present time, blockchain is not restricted to cryptocurrency and is utilized by different industries and marketplaces. It is incorruptible and distributes information on a peer-to-peer network system. By leveraging the technology in the energy system, companies can discard the need for a middleman for electricity suppliers and resolve the problems of having unproductive and uneven energy distribution. By blending distributed ledger with the devices used every day, which receive and convey data, bring the Internet of Things (IoT) into the landscape with a significant impact on energy systems.

·   Leveling Grid Cost-Effectively:

Grid parity takes place when alternative energy can generate power at the same or lesser cost than traditional methods. Solar and wind energy have reached parity in both performance and price. To be precise, renewable energy sources are becoming more efficient and self-optimized chiefly because of the new technologies like blockchain and AI, which make the integration of grids easier. They also significantly contribute efficiencies in strengthening the dependability and flexibility of the grids. With the emerging technologies in the future, solar and wind energy might get more capable and cost-effective, and renewable energy methods will be preferred more than usual.

·   Substituting Fossil Fuels:

Several countries are introducing emission-reduction goals, including the climate action plans to productively face the rise in global temperature. Surveys have made it evident that more than 70 percent of the corporate and municipal sectors are utilizing energy that is produced from renewable resources. Many companies are now willing to make a shift from the traditional method of using fossil fuels to a 100 percent renewable energy system for their operations.

·   Improved Energy Management:

It is prominent that the demand for energy has been increasing over the years, and it has negative possibilities of decreasing in the future. Therefore, keeping in mind the scenario, it is ideal for the industry leaders and manufacturers to gather together and settle on new standards that can help businesses in the industry to achieve a superior energy management system to function.

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