mPower Expands Its Market Presence with Improvised Jumpstart...

mPower Expands Its Market Presence with Improvised Jumpstart Batteries

By Energy CIO Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

CLIFTON, N.J: mPower Technologies, the customer products subsidiary of mPhase technologies is preparing itself to launch its latest line of products under its flagship brand- the jumpstart series. The new line of products combines innovative power solutions with unique features to meet changing customer needs.

Jumpstart batteries are equipped multipurpose charger capable of jump starting a full size car or commercial trucks and other electronic devices. The product is compatible with 12v appliances, which can charge dead battery, cell phone or computers and it is portable to fit in small storage areas. The new line of product will draw benefits with improvised technologies compared to previous ones and broden target market. The product will be added to the company’s portfolio and contains a battery technology that goes beyond the lithium ion capabilities that have been successfully demonstrated in the present portable jumpstarter units. In addition the company intends to expand its product portfolio with with mPower home generators and continues the development of a new battery generator for emergency backup applications.

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