Flying-Dot for Optical Multisensor Systems

Flying-Dot for Optical Multisensor Systems

Energy CIO Insights | Friday, April 12, 2019

Optical measuring techniques play a key role in increasing manufacturing and inspection process automation. Most modern laser triangulation technology is responsible for fast, high-precision and reliable displacement measurements, machine positioning and components manufactured and their measuring points. These sensors operate with a red or a blue laser depending on the characteristics required by the respective application. Each type of laser has its own limitations and advantages. The blue laser provides stable, accurate measurements on objects where the red laser performs at its limits.

Hexagon is a company that provides IT solutions that drive productivity and quality across applications for geospatial and industrial enterprises. Recently, it has launched its first blue laser scanning sensor. The new HP-L-5.8 fixed-line laser scanning sensor makes it easier and more affordable to create point clouds in the manufacturing intelligence division of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

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HP-L uses Flying-Dot Technology to provide an excellent optical dynamic range superior to conventional line scanners as the light intensity is adjusted point by point automatically. This means that HP-L laser scanners are less sensitive to changes in ambient light and surface and generate high-quality, reliable point clouds. Furthermore, as required, the line width may vary from 24 mm to 124 mm. The distance point-to-point varies depending on the width of the line chosen.

HP-L laser scanners provide maximum performance for complex surfaces and workpieces made from hard-to-measure materials. These flexible laser scanners make an optical multi-sensor system for every CMM. The main applications in the automotive and aerospace industries include checking the features and characteristics of sheet metal parts and measuring freeform surfaces of castings or other components.

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