Fluence Procures Advanced Microgrid Solutions

Fluence Procures Advanced Microgrid Solutions

Energy CIO Insights | Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Fluence acquires Advanced Microgrid Solutionsto optimize energy storage.

FREMONT, CA: Fluence, an energy storage technology solution provider and system integrator, has acquired Advanced Microgrid Solutions, a  company that is known for its expertise in AI and machine learning. The acquisition is sure to drive optimization and innovation towards the realm of storing energy. To add upon, the integrated efforts of both the companies would help in making a smart and high tech move towards bettering energy storage with an intelligent software platform for energy storage and operational assets.

With the sixth generation battery storage hardware of Fluence paired with the digital intelligence platform of Advanced Microgrid Solutions, the modern market players can bring down their asset investment payback time from six years to three. In addition, Advanced Microgrid Solutions has also been actively deploying smart energy storage systems in commercial business settings and sites in the form of pooled virtual power plants (VPPs) in the U.S.

The strategic acquisition of Fluence and Advanced Microgrid Solutions would benefit the customers with data-driven insights that would enhance the performance, efficiency, and value of energy generation and storage assets to make the energy grid smarter and better as well. This collaboration also drives innovations for transformation to channelize the global electric power systems to result in a modernized and sustainable future. Advanced Microgrid Solutions is expected to help Fluencein building and enhancing its digital capabilities such as market dispatch algorithms, battery degradation modelling, and anomaly detection.

Advanced Microgrid Solutions accelerates the clean energy revolution by increasing the use of renewables and energy storage with its proprietary AI software platform, SigmaOne. This company provides its clients with increasingly high tech and intelligent modules to manage complexity and uncertainty by automating and optimizing energy assets.

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