Factors Influencing the Electric Utility Industry

Factors Influencing the Electric Utility Industry

Energy CIO Insights | Monday, April 15, 2019

Amid the attempts to innovate and economize the services offered by the electric utility industry, there are a couple of degenerative forces, causing its pitfalls. According to the EIA report, there is a significant reduction in the electric utility’s revenue gain. Although new and high-tech equipment replaced the old and outdated ones, increasing the efficiency standards, the trend is declining the productivity and performance of the industry due to the various economic and demographic factors. However, surpassing the hindering elements, the electric utility has a critical need to fulfill the market demands by delivering innovative offerings encircling mobile-based thermostat applications, and high-capacity batteries. The following are some of the key influences on the electric utility industry.

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•  Digitalization

With the onset of the Internet of Things (IoT), the demand for sensors, automation, smart applications, intelligent computing mechanisms, and secured communications rise. The transformed architecture of the appliances and digital upgradations result in large amounts of mission data. The same further inhibits the functioning standard of the electric utility as its traditional infrastructure fails to keep pace with the new results.

•  Solar resources

Contending with the electricity resources solar energy has managed to attract a vast number of customers. Increased use of solar batteries, and replacing electric heaters and other appliances with those of solar-made, solar energy strongly influences the downfall of the electric utility industry.    

•  Modernized work culture

The electric utility is one of the oldest industries in the world. Recent tech and non-tech developmental insights can create an impact on the authentic processes of the production. Amalgamating the digital techniques with traditional ones there is a strong probability that the industry’s conventional essence may fade.

The Electric utility sector is prone to multiple converging forces, but at the same time, the strengths of the industry are sure to catalyze its sustenance.

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