Evolution Of Clean Energy: Quick Transition to a Sustainable Future

Evolution Of Clean Energy: Quick Transition to a Sustainable Future

By Energy CIO Insights | Monday, April 01, 2019

Energy ManagementDepletion of fossil fuels has driven countries on a quest to find an alternative energy source, and people are quickly adapting to clean energy that is sustainable and fast evolving. In recent times, the awareness about the use of renewable energy is high among people, and new trends are expected to change the whole landscape of energy production. To modulate energy consumption at home and offices, a lot of tools are involved but it is important to make the tools work incorrect synchronization within a building and a broader grid.

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To meet the demands of 2019, energy management is essential; storage of energy and effective energy management will be significant for grid flexibility to balance the demand and supply uncertainty. To standardize the management and reporting of clean energy use, an industry must draw support from other diverse industries too. To avoid interruption in services during adverse climatic conditions, the storage of energy must also increase. Energy storage will be a vital component in clean energy drive. For commercial and residential use, batteries are used to save energy. Microgrids are cost-effective and smaller in size which can function independently as well as be connected to a power grid. To improve operations, microgrids can be paired with artificial intelligence to improve and adapt to the conditions for seamless operation. To increase the bankability on the microgrids, tech companies are working to produce this technology in a more cost-effective and timely manner.

To streamline the buying and selling of energy between the consumers, blockchain development is expected to develop in 2019 to support clean energy transactions. Blockchain will, in real time, will optimize the energy system, and it will also monitor the performance of the devices that consume clean energy. The rise of new technologies increases efficiency and is more cost-effective.

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