Energy Conservation: EU's New Regulation to Promote Clean Energy

Energy Conservation: EU's New Regulation to Promote Clean Energy

By Energy CIO Insights | Monday, April 01, 2019

Energy ManagementTo ensure the well-functioning of the landscape, electricity regulations were altered. The rules and regulations required revision, and there are significant changes in the European Union power regulation. The member of the regulation stated that the new rules would benefit cross-border power transmission. The regulation promotes balancing in responsibility to ensure there is no exploitation with power and aims to remove discriminatory provisions. The regulation furthermore ensures the back-up generation in times of insufficiency and conserves the environment.

According to the new regulation, the power plants that emit excess and produce commercial purposes will no longer be part of the capacity mechanism. The campaign group Climate Action Network Europe welcomed the new regulation and stated that the new rules might be beneficial for the end in coal subsidies that is awaited in 2025. The transition to clean energy is a good move as the situation is very tight with coal subsidizing. Regional coordination centers were established to supervise and support transmission system operators. The agreement ensured rights for the consumers and formed a framework for transmission and distribution which was compiled by EU members, European commission and lawmakers. , but it will be under regulated tariffs. Nike, an RE100 member, has signed its first European power purchase agreement which will power 70 percent of the company. Companies adopting for clean energy is a positive move towards conserving fossil fuels. Greenhouse gas emission can be curtailed significantly by using pure energy and reduce the dependency on fossil fuels. The setting up and maintenance of the power plants will increase employment opportunity in the EU.

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The use of renewable resources in transport is a concern, and people usually opt for biofuels which in turn needs fossil fuel. The 2020 target has increased the production of biofuel for vehicles, and it is widely produced. The Europe Commission has several energy conservation strategies to create low carbon emission system and a sustainable environment to combat the adverse climatic changes from greenhouse gas emission. The renewable energy sector is predicted to grow drastically and show diversity in energy supply and reduce air pollution.

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