Electric Utilities Hire Smart Repair Technology

Electric Utilities Hire Smart Repair Technology

By Energy CIO Insights | Friday, July 05, 2019

With the climatic changing erratically, the utilities sector needs to upgrade the pace and sophistication of its maintenance services. How do we change the existing practices to keep pace with the current requirements?  

FREMONT, CA: Electric utilities around the world have been facing complex challenges due to chaotic weather events since the beginning of the year. The Fault Location Isolation and Service Restoration (FLISR) is the go-to technology for restoring power after outages due to weather conditions. The software works by integrating both manual and “smart” switches to monitor and control the power dependency in case of fault outages and massive weather events.  

FLISR utilizes telemetry to communicate and situation awareness algorithms to cross-check and locate faults. It will automatically restore power to the majority of the impacted network by automatically switching links to isolate the damaged or faulty area. It can also successfully conduct power analysis report by evaluating possible violations in voltage during each restoration.

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When FLISR is leveraged with a modular Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS), the productivity, operational workflow simplification, and real-time network information that measures even EHV to LV can be enhanced.

The utilities who have adopted FLISR in combination with manual switches can also draw this benefit from the software’s data intelligence model. The computational power of the ADMS and FLISR enables the operator to run simulation models, predict events that might occur proactively, and manage the outage problem.

The benefit of FLISR augmented with ADMS, a dynamic model-based software solution within a budget is provided without added costs for the field equipment. The capability to add, remove, and alter links from within the operational control center decreases the operation technology (OT) expenses.                                           

FLISR is quick and efficient at analyzing the problem at hand. It distinguishes between what is happening and what was programmed to occur by continually adapting to the change in inputs.   With FLISR isolating faults, taking decisions and gathering resources at a fast pace, making the utilities to run faster to manage the volatility.

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