Ecolab Uses Mixed Reality to Safely Install a PURATE Chlorine...

Ecolab Uses Mixed Reality to Safely Install a PURATE Chlorine Dioxide Generator

By Energy CIO Insights | Monday, November 23, 2020

With COVID-19 lessening in-person access to energy plants, Ecolab uses new digital solutions to deliver its water, energy, and sanitization solutions.

FREMONT, CA: With the current pandemic causing restricted access to facilities, Ecolab uses mixed reality to safely install a PURATE chlorine dioxide generator at a leading midstream company’s facility. Mixed reality enables Ecolab engineers to remotely see inside the plant and guide a single on-site field representative through installation, testing, and deployment. With PURATE, this midstream company safely mitigated costs, enhanced efficiency, and simplified logistics for natural gas processing operations while bettering sustainability. Ecolab’s installations mark Ecolab’s first use of mixed reality to install, test, and deliver a chlorine dioxide generator solution for cooling tower operations at an energy plant.

Mixed reality couples mix mixed reality elements to create a blend of the physical and digital world that users experience through headsets. Ecolab used the technology to deploy three PURATE generators, which create ClO2 and can be more effective than bleach or bromide solutions in controlling the fouling and microbial problems that can reduce heat efficiency exchangers in cooling towers.

By wearing a mixed reality headset, an Ecolab field representative can transmit on-site visuals and critical data to a team of Ecolab engineers working remotely. The engineers, whose combined experience were then able to guide the representative through a variety of operations at the plant that includes inspection and planning, and installation process in the cooling towers that involved lifting the PURATE generator into place with a crane, inspecting valves, monitors, electronics and checking for leaks, and mechanical and control testing of the PURATE generator, wet testing it with water, testing it with its chlorine dioxide chemical solution.

The deployments took approximately 1.5 days each, and the results were instantaneous. The PURATE ClO2 solution is effective than competitive products, which results in lesser shipments of chemicals to the company’s plants. PURATE also operates in a wider pH balance than bleach or bromide, which will offer the midstream company more flexibility in its treatment options in the future. Ecolab has spent decades building relationships with its customers and learning about the inner workings of their operations. It’s this intimate knowledge that enables the company to leverage its digital solutions effectively for its customers.

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