Depending on Renewable Sources for a Sustainable Future

Depending on Renewable Sources for a Sustainable Future

By Energy CIO Insights | Friday, February 01, 2019

Attis Industries Inc. is a technology company dedicated to the development and construction of enterprises that play an important role in the new economy, including renewable energies, bioplastics, health care, and communications. Attis aims to create long-term value for shareholders by acquiring and operating a wide range of companies throughout a broad range of industries. The structure of the multi-industrial holding company is the key to Attis’ ability to generate value, giving it the freedom to invest wherever it feels it can boost the returns of its shareholders.

The company aims to encourage its employees to be innovation- and technology-oriented entrepreneurs. They remain dynamic, persistent and motivated to succeed. The company's growth depends on its integrity and future vision. In the areas of healthcare, energy independence and digital communication, Attis Industries will continue to meet essential needs. Today, each sector provides high opportunities for growth representing more than a third of America's GDP collectively.

Novozymes is the world’s leading organic solutions provider. They improve industrial performance with customers, partners, and the world community while maintaining resources and supporting a better life on this planet. As the world's largest enzyme and microbial technology provider, they have increased farm yields, lowered temperature washing, energy- efficient production, renewable fuel and many other benefits on which they can depend today and in the future. A diverse innovation and technology holding company, Attis Industries Inc. has announced its intention to work with the world leader in the field of renewable fuel biotechnology, Novozymes. In the context of that recently announced relationship, Novozymes has pledged to supply Attis in its planned biorefineries the enzymes required to convert its pulp into sugar.

In its patented biomass processing, Attis successfully converted the pulp extracted into high sugar yields with proprietary enzyme cocktails from Novozymes. These successful results partnership validates the planned business model at Attis’ biorefineries aims to improve value, yields, and efficiency of processes. Initial cooperation between Attis and Novozymes is intended to maximize the value of biotechnology used in the Attis process so that Attis can satisfy an increasing demand for advanced biofuels.

To ensure a sustainable future, innovation is needed to transform its dependence on renewable sources of raw materials. Attis Industries focuses on multiple feedstock streams, from biomass to recycled materials, and sustainability remains the priority in their mission.

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