Dawn of Greener Energy Storage Systems

Dawn of Greener Energy Storage Systems

Energy CIO Insights | Friday, September 25, 2020

European citizens have demanded greener energy, which is available when it is necessary. European gas storage operators have made up minds to prepare themselves for being the driving force of this transition toward the green.

FREMONT, CA: A paradigm shift in focus from competition to decarbonisation has initiated a spark which has effected a change in other sectors as well. The challenge is the fulfillment of greater necessity for energy flexibility with regard to storage as a primary provider.

With this in mind, the European gas storage operators are equipping themselves for the future and have taken positions as the driving forces for storage systems in case of surplus generation putting an end to the risk of curtailment. Many operators across Europe now have run demonstration projects from MWh scales to various sources like power to gas, power to heat, and storage of pure hydrogen.

The integral part of the natural gas systems are gas storage facilities, which were constructed along with transmission and distribution systems, and for years it has been a primary feature of gas systems. The gas storage capacity in the EU is around 1000 TWh; the storage systems have enabled storing of gas for a long time to a couple of hours.


The existing storage capacity has the potential to store various green and decarbonised gases in the future. The storage operators believe that bio-methane and synthetic methane are two among various gases that can be stored. Pure hydrogen would work effectively with cavern storages as well. In many parts of Europe, the agenda at present is dominated by renewable energy sources and the zero-carbon economy as gas storage can provide energy storage in the long run, thus balancing the battery through technologies such as power to gas. The policymakers are dwelling on the need to give more attention to removing lignite from the energy mix. The gas storage systems help in cost cutting as well. They curb the cost of transmission, provide insurance against technical downtime. Gas storage can be the missing puzzle piece in the future world of decarbonised energy if implemented with best practises by changing the fundamentals on the supply side; it can be the driving force for a transition toward the greener energy.


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