Cyber Switching Takes a Quantum leap in Power Management with...

Cyber Switching Takes a Quantum leap in Power Management with Enhanced Configuration Release

By Energy CIO Insights | Thursday, January 10, 2019

Ron Silorio, CTO

Electricity has gone “off the grids,” and has reached to our roads in the form of electric vehicles. It is time for ardent “petrol-head” and their dependents to embrace the reality and acknowledge that the electric vehicles are here to stay. However, fuelling electric vehicles has long been a deterrent to their adoption, as charging points end up losing more money during demand pricing. Power management is critical, not just for EVs, but in sub-metering for commercial tenant spaces and helping users gain energy efficiency in specific areas, to make adjustments and meet energy goals.

"Cyber Switching doesn’t come only with a dashboard; it comes with a person, a relationship"

Cyber Switching, a San Jose based power management and monitoring solutions provider, releases a direct input product configuration, which allows for enhanced capability during daytime high-demand charge station applications. This release came in the wake of strong positive feedback from EV fleet managers to the initial launch of the Cyber Switching Electric Vehicle Master Controller (EVMC). The company is confident that the EV fleet managers will have more options to meet their charging needs with the newly added product configurations. Ron Silorio, CTO at Cyber Switching explains, “We designed this update to deliver operational cost savings to the complex requirements of mixed-use EV parking locations like retail, executive or other quick turn-over slots where on-demand operation is imperative during the daytime, high-use periods.” He further added the same locations could reduce costs dramatically by rotationally switching power to the EV chargers during off-peak parking times when parking is available for longer terms. For its innovative and path-breaking work in power management, Cyber Switching has been featured in our magazine Energy CIO Insights as “Top 10 Smart Energy Solution Providers-2018.”

Cyber switching has been around since the early 1990s. It holds patents regarding power management over the internet with Silorio being one of the inventors of the company. He says, “Cyber Switching doesn’t come only with a dashboard; it comes with a person, a relationship.” In addition to that, sub-metering and motor control systems are also a part of Cyber Switching’s energy management portfolio. The provider is putting meters on the systems in individual blocks rather than on buildings or the primary source, to allocate energy more efficiently. It also helps in monitoring HVAC systems and allows customers to effectively deliver predictive maintenance based on the electrical readings and thresholds.

The input design allows the building administrators to remotely switch from the default charge rotation mode into an all-on mode, as the controller can now be connected to four independent input power lines. The all-on mode helps to energize all the chargers which are powered through the EVMC, making them ready to deliver whenever a vehicle connects to any charger on the system. The easy-to-use interface and scheduler system helps the building administrators to remotely schedule the operational modes to maximize the energy savings from the EV charging system. The newly released Energy Management Dashboard (EMD) also provides an option to connect to a cloud-based network.

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