Cutting-Edge Smart-Grid Solutions for Energy Utilities

Cutting-Edge Smart-Grid Solutions for Energy Utilities

Richard Mora, CEO | Monday, January 14, 2019

The world embraced a number of important inventions in electromagnetism in the first half of the 19th century. After the invention of the relationship between current and voltage in the conductor, the law of induction was found in 1820 by Michael Faraday. This spurred the development of generators, transformers, and engines. With these inventions, a perfect platform for the constructive use of these developments is firmly established, followed by inventions and patents by many tech experts. Yet , at the start of the 20th century, the demand for local grids began to grow progressively across the world, where many businesses saw this market challenge as an opportunity to generate revenue through leadership.

As the turn of the century has led to advanced technology addressing many of the energy challenges, Landis+Gyr has also evolved to provide sustainable solutions for the foundation of smart grid and sources of renewable energy. Landis+Gyr offers one of the most robust product and service investment portfolios to deal with the challenges confronting the complex industries in the utilities sector.  Landis+Gyr has evolved to provide smart grid solutions including smart metering, analytics, and load control network sensing and automation machinery. The company is spread across 30 countries in five continents, with 6000 people supporting better energy management.

Landis+Gyr has announced a number of project and contract updates to Kansas City Power & Light Company (KCP&L) and Westar Energy, the subsidiaries of Evergy Inc., for advanced metering operations. The deployment of advanced meters in Westar began in 2014 and was completed in advance of the actual schedule. Landis+Gyr offers services to Evergy, along with dedicated on-site personnel, both the network and related software. KCP&L continues work to support the expansion of its contract for managed services with Landis+Gyr, which was signed earlier this year. This contract extends the service agreement to 2034 and includes 180,000 meters of advanced capacity. Under the new service contract for the utility, which includes a 16-year extension, KCP&L will expand advanced metering beyond the metro area of Kansas City starting in 2019 and cover more rural areas of the service area of the utility in Missouri and Kansas. Over the years, the company has experienced many accomplishments in the management of the energy sector and has continually implemented market-leading technologies and added value to the industry.

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