Current Challenges in the Coal Power Sector

Current Challenges in the Coal Power Sector

By Energy CIO Insights | Monday, February 11, 2019

Current Challenges in the Coal Power Sector The demand for and use of battery storage systems have increased with the advancement in technology, reduction of costs, and a better understanding of the benefits of battery storage. This development, however, has led to a growing demand for management of solar battery storage assets throughout the energy industry destroying the era of the coal power sector.

The coal power sector has witnessed a hard phase over recent times. Coal energy was used to generate power in coal-fired power stations for millions of people. However, with the onset of solar and wind power sectors, the coal power sector has started to bleed. With innovations taking the screen space, the idea for long duration energy storage has evolved. The Energy Department has been busy laying the groundwork for long-term energy storage systems for the next generation and this led to more opportunities to bring wind and solar power systems into the worlds' power grid, which shuts the door on the idea of reviving the coal power sector of the nation.

The priority of the energy department is to have a reliable energy resource that is cheap and long-lasting. They are looking for energy storage systems that can supply 50,000 homes with power over a prolonged period and not just for a few hours.

The above criteria go well with natural gas power plants like solar energy as it can solve the cost and efficiency obstacles. With time, solar energy has come a long way. Moreover, the need for solar energy panels has drastically increased over the years. Despite having high installation charges, solar energy will continue to replace the coal power sector.

The coal stakeholders had one last ray of hope that larger and better batteries would help maintain coal-fired power plants by allowing them to sell more electricity during off-peak periods. However, the issue of fossil-friendly energy storage relates more to natural gas power plants than coal, hinting at the integration of solar and wind energy.

The day is not too far when industry leaders will find a solution for this too, just as they did for many similar barriers. Meanwhile, stakes should be taken into account—the advantages and nuances of the management of storage assets and take steps to educate people about solar energy systems for a more reliable and scalable future for solar energy.

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