Clean Energy: Measures to Provide Seamless Services

Clean Energy: Measures to Provide Seamless Services

By Energy CIO Insights | Monday, April 01, 2019

There is a constant shift in society for energy needs, and the energy system must be re-established to make it work more conveniently. The new system must be shaped to encourage new approaches that are put forth in solving the challenges. SmartestEnergy has started to trade flexibility on the spot market; the company has dispatched six megawatts in two weeks and plans to add more capacity in the coming weeks. In the near future, the company aims to access the balancing mechanism, National Grid’s real-time balancing market for distributed generators. SSE signed a deal with Origami Energy to make use of its flexible technology platform. The company aims to offer energy management services to its industrial and commercial customers in their electricity consumption.

There is an upward trajectory growth in energy sector and economy is looking to shift for a more decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization. Using origami’s powerful technology SSE will aim to provide more value propositions to its customers. The new shift will furthermore open avenues to add value to a large number of owners and operators of dispatchable generation, flexible loads, and battery storage. A virtual power plant is a decentralization of power generating units such as CHP units, wind, and solar farms and, batteries. The rise in demand for clean energy will propel the growth and make energy storage accessible. Reports from Allied Market Research stated that due to exposure to high frequency electromagnetic and radio waves health issues are inevitable for different end users. The demand in the market helps the SSE to take advantage of the commercial opportunities and make use of the assets in the wholesale market. Right service will be provided at the right time by SSE.

SSE is testing prototype for demand turndown services for the consumer of electricity in winter, and the overseas market already showed the value of flexible distribution connected assets functioning in the supplementary market. SSE has proposed National Grid to set a roadmap for batteries in the balancing service market. Working with consumers will help the companies identify new opportunities primarily on the demand-side response. People who prefer the status quo will challenge behavior shift. SSE stated that increasing customers would generate and consume energy, which will deliver a balancing service.

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