Cirrus' G2 Vision Jet with Newer Capabilities

Cirrus' G2 Vision Jet with Newer Capabilities

By Energy CIO Insights | Monday, April 08, 2019

Cirrus Aircraft recently announced the launch of G2 Vision Jet, enhancing the comfort, performance, and safety of the Personal Jet. The new jet has an increase in cruise altitude, speed, and range along with upgraded Perspective Touch+TM by Garmin® flight deck. Unique, innovative technologies in G2 include flight stream connectivity, a category first auto-throttle, and much more. New executive seats are added, and there are newly introduced noise reduction features.  The new executive seating features two artisan second-row seats and center console with stowaway tables. Passengers will have access to 110V power outlets and USB, a video monitor in flush-mount overhead to display a wide range of entertainment options from the devices of passengers.

The new G2 goes higher, faster, and farther. Flight level of 31,000 ft can be achieved which proving the capabilities and performance of the new aircraft. The Vision Jet’s range is increased by over 1,200nm by getting access to Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM). There is a boost in flexibility to transport an additional 150lb on an 800 NM mission and accelerated top cruise speed even further by 300kts. Autothrottle effectively integrates with autopilot, and it can shift the speed of the aircraft for each phase of flight, reducing workload and providing time for the pilot to concentrate on other tasks. Furthermore, the G2 has abilities like 3D Synthetic vision, SurfaceWatch, datalink weather, integrated crew alerting system, ADS-S, active weather radar, system synoptic, and satellite communication. For improved cold start capabilities upgraded intelligent batteries from True Blue Power is included.

The design of the cabin aims to provide comfort, productivity, and spaciousness. FAA certification of Vision Jet was received in 2016, and it immediately started a new era in personal aviation. The Vision Jet received the most prestigious Robert J. Collier Trophy in 20-18. Cirrus Aircraft is close to 100 deliveries, the owners of Vision Jet enjoy an additional value of a comprehensive ownership program—Jet stream, offering hassle-free ownership, JetStream comprises an award-winning Williams International ‘TAP Blue’ turbine engine coverage, normal wear item replacements, airframe and avionics maintenance, recurrent pilot training, and much more.  Cirrus Aircraft has successfully passed ten million hours in flight time, and due to its CAPS, 170 people have returned home safely.

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