Can Technology Alone Define the Future of Renewable Energy?

Can Technology Alone Define the Future of Renewable Energy?

Energy CIO Insights | Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Sustainability is now becoming equally important, and can technology drive it?

FREMONT, CA: The energy industry has been witnessing crests of success and troughs of falls continuously. By collaborating with technology solutions and considering them to be the holy grail for the evolution of the industry, energy technologists are coming up with strategies and protocols that center high tech and intelligent norms. Making the energy industry smarter and smarter, technology is penetrating deep into all the verticals, significantly into the renewable side of it. The trends in both business and the future are changing. Most of the forward-looking renewable energy players in the modern market are predominantly looking to realize their sustainability goals.

Top 10 Renewable Energy Solution Companies in Europe - 2019Can technology really help the renewable energy firms of today to achieve sustainability? Well, continue to read and find out the answer. The whole solid wave of innovation in the realm of energy is opening newer opportunities for the energy workforce to walk towards fidelity. To add upon, research experts and many of the tech specialists in the industry are coming to conclusions that smart and high tech solutions for energy production, transmission, distribution, and consumption must be more and more flexible, effective, and efficient. This would further mark the new age of sustainability in energy.

Market research reports state that renewable  energy resources  account for about a third of total power generation worldwide. This clearly shows that the world is moving towards becoming cleaner and greener by encouraging more renewable energy initiatives. If this trend prevails for long, then the market is sure to dynamically achieve sustainability, environment-friendly, and other ecologically empowering goals and dreams.

In contrast, there are still a large number of industrial and other practices in the world that contribute to a major share of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. Forecasts show that by 2050, about 38 percent of carbon emissions are sure to result. Hence, firms are seeking technology to enable sustainability.  

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