Can Solar Energy Technology Cater to Commercial Demands?

Can Solar Energy Technology Cater to Commercial Demands?

Energy CIO Insights | Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Solar energy technology has come a long way from serving domestic needs to now fulfilling those of commercial as well.

FREMONT, CA: the world is on its march towards attaining full sustainability. Most businesses from almost every industry are considering green initiatives to make the planet greener. In the quest to integrate with fully environment-friendly conceptualizations and practicalities of technology, technologists are dwelling upon the goodness of solar energy.

Solar energy technology does much more than just converting the photons into electrical energy. From solar panels to cells and batteries, and many other appliances and devices that run almost solely on solar energy, the underlying technology of this natural resource of power is taking innovative turns to offer more diversified use cases.

Top 10 Solar Energy Technology Companies - 2019Lately, solar energy tech has become the talk of the hour as it has gained immense popularity for its potential to fulfill energy demands at a large scale. Most industries are depending on the solar energy to meet their energy requirements for heating, lighting and more. Solar energy technologists are now more than getting closer to becoming successful in addressing commercial energy demands.

Realizing that the use of solar energy technology can help the industrialists achieve the milestone of nullifying or reducing the carbon footprint, commercially graded applications are fed by the energy generated by the solar. Solar technology promises a high value of heating efficiency. With this, industries can cut large amounts of costs, time, fuel, and labor.

Sources state that around 70 percent of the manufacturing energy in the U.S. is made up of heating the raw materials in order to make them ready for further processing into products. This shows that using fossil fuels or other non-renewable forms of energy or even electricity generates huge bills for the industry owners in terms of purchasing coal or other fossils or buying additional quantities of electric power.

Solar thermals and photovoltaic electric heating technology is a promising advancement in the field of solar energy as they form a newer and more efficient approach to meet the commercial energy demands greatly.  

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