Can Modern Analytics Solve Concerns in Utilities?

Can Modern Analytics Solve Concerns in Utilities?

Energy CIO Insights | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Can Modern Analytics Solve Concerns in Utilities?The utilities sector can utilize modern analytics to leverage a multitude of use cases for the optimization for the companies and to create awareness among the customers.  

FREMONT, CA: According to the International Energy Agency, the global energy demands are set to experience an upsurge until 2040 as much as 37 percent. The utility sector is already striving to meet the inflation in demands, to deliver more affordable, sustainable, safer, and reliable services. There exists a vast scope for optimization of operation and business practices to gain maximum cost benefits.

With the companies being bestowed with the boon of a modern analytics platform, the unachievable task can be fulfilled in a short period.  An analytics solution brings forward agile capabilities to unravel critical insights, provide superior visibility, improve customer satisfaction, asset dependability, and reduce operational costs.

Utilities deal with numerous assets and vast infrastructure that are diverse, massive, and geographically widespread, generating massive amounts of data daily. This stored data is currently unused in the optimization of utility consumptions, real-time visibility, and control maintenance issues, prevent leakage or wastage of utility and billing management.

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If utilities are equipped with an ability to predict the failure of existing infrastructure, then companies can perform any necessary maintenance operations before it becomes crucial.

A higher level of efficiency and prescience is possible only with the application of modern analytics. Utilities are adopting this rapidly developing technology to improve the companies’ operations as well as customer benefits. Services can leverage a real-time historical analytics system from mining existing data sets to extract logical patterns, such as sensor readings that depict imminent failure of a component from an infrastructure. The predictive analysis can help them model and fine-tune predictive models for informed decision making.

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Additionally, real-time streaming analytics has also provided real-time utility insights on the consumption for customers as well as the operations team. The enterprises can get ideas on consumer KPIs from real-time data and help customers understand the consumption patterns. An analytics solution can also be utilized to run a notification engine that alerts and notifies customers on issues like overconsumption, detection of leakage, and fraud wastage. Thus, optimizing utility usage to make better decisions towards energy conservation.

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