Can Energy Tech Evolution Replace the Need for Fossil Fuels?

Can Energy Tech Evolution Replace the Need for Fossil Fuels?

By Energy CIO Insights | Monday, September 28, 2020

Energy technology is continually evolving, and fossil fuels are sure to be overtaken.

FREMONT, CA: Technology is acting as a silver bullet for almost all the worldly challenges and the business hiccups today. Energy technology is emerging as a bridge to fill up the gap between the demand for fossil fuels and the creation of these resources. Technologists and engineers in the energy industry are exploring the deeper aspects of the energy arena. Energy technology is playing a dynamic role in helping the energy companies realize their move towards going completely green and reducing or nullifying their carbon footprint.

Sources and reports state that renewable energy had accounted to more than 41 percent of the rise is demand last year. A few surveys show that this value can double itself this year with the advancements in energy technology. Energy technology is making way for energy firms to deploy and implement innovative renewable energy applications. Through these, the demand for fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas is sure to be surpassed by renewable energy.

Top 10 Energy Technology Solution Companies in Europe - 2019Developments in EV technology are taking the energy industry to a newer level of efficiency and effectiveness. The green plans in the energy market are looked upon and adopted by most of the governments and more. Extended use cases in EVs are very soon expected to push fossil fuels to the periphery. The energy transition is eventually taking a constructive turn that makes sustainability the key emphasis as far as the business aspect of the energy industry is concerned. Lighting and heating systems that use low power, grids with green energy ideas, and renewable energy applications are predominantly ensuring that energy technology is proving its efficacy faster and better.

Fossil fuels had been ruling the energy in the world. Along with the efficacies and advantages that the power generated by the natural but exhaustive sources of energy such as coal, petroleum, crude oil, and natural gas, the demerits that they raise must also be efficiently evaluated.       

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