Behlman Launches New BLC Series Ac Power Supply Equipment

Behlman Launches New BLC Series Ac Power Supply Equipment

By Energy CIO Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

HAUPPAUGE, NY: Behlman Electronics, provider of power products for military airborne, shipboard, and mobile programs introduces its CE Marked ‘BLC Series AC Power Sources’ to provide single- or three-phase output in a range of power from 3,000 volt-amperes (VA) to 9,000 VA.

BLC Series AC Power Sources deliver low cost per VA; rugged construction; clear sine wave output with excellent line and load regulation; high efficiency, and low harmonic distortion. Unique protection circuitry provides extreme-temperature and short-circuit protection, plus voltage fold-back that maintains undistorted waveforms during overloads. Voltage and frequency adjustment, line drop compensation, phase angle adjustment, external sync and output on/off with remote power connection, and CE Mark are standard. Optional features include fixed voltage and frequency, output transformers, analog remote control interface, and extended frequency range up to 1000 HZ.

Behlman BLC Series Power Supplies are 19-inch rack mounted units. Exceptionally valuable for those involved with motor testing, Behlman BLC Series Power Sources offer a Motor Test Option that can soft-start motors, pumps and compressors. This eliminates both the need for higher power devices, and the bothersome, time-consuming task of clamping the motor to the test bench to prevent it from falling.

“Engineers developed the new ultra-rugged BLC series with the EMC and Safety directives required by European standards”, commented Ron Storm, President, Behlman Electronics.

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