Atlantic Power Williams Lake Project: Wood Waste to Supply Energy

Atlantic Power Williams Lake Project: Wood Waste to Supply Energy

By Energy CIO Insights | Friday, February 15, 2019

Continuous production and supply of power are essential to ensure the smooth running of industries. With the growth of the market, the need for continuous power supply has also increased.  According to Statista, the Asia¬¬-Pacific region tops the list of primary energy consumption, and the U.S. has the highest natural gas consumption.

Atlantic Power is an independent producer power that holds power generation assets in nine states of the U.S. and two provinces of Canada. The company has gone into a Power Purchase Agreement with important customers. Atlantic Power is habituated to handle different fuel types which include gas, hydro, and biomass.

Atlantic Power manages different projects. Its Cadillac Project is located in Cadillac and Michigan; the commercial operation of this project was started in 1993, and Atlantic Power acquired it in 2010. This project ensures a 36 MW supply.

The Calstock Project is situated in the district of Cochrane, Ontario.  Waste heat is used in this project for the production of electricity, and the company is an indirect owner of this project. Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation (OEFC) buys the total output of this project. In this project a 41 MW steam turbine-driven generator produces power. The Atlantic Power Williams Lake Project (APWL) is located in south-central British Columbia and uses wood waste from sawmill operations. APWL signed Electric Purchase Agreement with BC Hydro which got expired in 2018. They have renewed the EPA till June 30, 2019. The Koma Kulshan Project supplies hydroelectricity and is located in the north of Seattle on the slopes of Mt. Baker.

 In 2018, Atlantic Power acquired the total project from Covanta making an investment of $11.8 million. Previously, the company acquired two biomass plants in South Carolina from EDF Renewables Inc. expending $13 million. Each of the plants ensures a supply of 20 megawatts.

Atlantic Power Corporation has appointed Danielle S. Mottor in its Board of Directors. Now, there are six members on the board. Danielle operates as a Senior Vice President of Concentric Energy Advisors. Previously, she worked in Navigant Consulting, XENERGY, and New England Power Company. Danielle is an expert in the retail electric market, generation asset sales, asset valuation, and plant operations.  She had significant involvement in making the blueprint of the New England Forward Capacity Market. Being an independent director, she will operate in the board’s Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, and Operations and Commercial Oversight Committee. The company is expecting that her experience will enable it to achieve its long-envisioned goals.

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