Are the New Energy Storage Batteries Beneficial or Not?

Are the New Energy Storage Batteries Beneficial or Not?

Energy CIO Insights | Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The new batteries are better as they will allow the energy storage to provide major power-grids with clean energy.

FREMONT, CA: Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) has invested in renewable energy to explore and discover new techniques. Many innovative organizations are trying to develop various ways in which power can be generated. But BEV has prioritized on the technologies that will permit the energy storage to offer major power-grids with fresh energy even when the weather is cloudy, night-time, and windless.

There is one efficient process in which energy can be stored, and it can be done by developing long-duration storage systems.  Short-duration devices such as lithium-ion batteries are better for laptops, mobile phones, and electric cars. But the electrical power-grid needs that are cheap and have a better duration system. 

Top 10 Energy Storage Solution Companies - 2019However, there are the latest technologies that can meet such demand known as the flow batteries. There are batteries in the market that have been manufactured to discharge for almost 150 hours. The traditional batteries do not have such a long discharge period. Moreover, the storage time of these new batteries is also better, and it can efficiently help the wind and solar energy. Such power of the battery will increase its demand and help it to dominate the market.

The flow batteries are made from the chemistry that generates electricity when the two particular liquids flow next to each other. They are divided by the thin membrane. The flow batteries are even known as the reduction-oxidation (redox) flow batteries because of the ionic exchange that happens in the membrane when the fluids pass each other.

One of the advantages of aqueous sulfur batteries is the chemical used in the cells are less expensive than the other rechargeable batteries like lithium-ion. Therefore, this is one reason why various energy companies prefer this new technology to store energy from the latest wind farms over the choice of developing a massive coal power plant.

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