AR Smartglasses Promising a Lower Production Cost

AR Smartglasses Promising a Lower Production Cost

Energy CIO Insights | Tuesday, March 26, 2019

While most smart manufacturing practices promote automation, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality sharpen human capacities. These technologies enhance hardware distinctness by leveraging sensors, cameras, smart devices and wearables, and other Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) tools. Tasks such as training, assembly, and maintenance have accordingly become much more comfortable. Upgraded AR and VR apps will also reduce the use of standard manuals and hassles encountered due to poor version control. For instance, Dulux Visualiser helps consumers try out a shade of paint for the room before they buy. The Ikea Place app will help customers scan their room and design the space by placing Ikea objects with the new products in their room’s digital image to create a new environment.

DigiLens Inc.,  unveiled DigiLens Crystal, a reference platform that gives OEMs a customizable, cost-effective waveguide-based eyeglass style solution for both workforce and consumer applications. By using completely transparent AR glasses in logistics, manufacturing, and maintenance functions, efficiency, safety, and security will be enhanced by swift access to remote real-time assistance and company data—all while remaining hands-free.

DigiLens Crystal makes use of the USB-C simplifying the AR glass solution to just the glasses. Owing to perfect transparency, the DigiLens display is there when workers need it and gone when workers don’t. From the outside glasses look clear and efficient.

Their optics are produced from an exclusive photopolymer and low-cost holographic contact copy manufacturing process. Because of this breakthrough technology, the AR glasses will retail at an exact consumer price point below $499. DigiLens Crystal can stay active for five hours connected to a smartphone, or up to fifteen hours with a portable power bank.

DigiLens Crystal allows a low-power, high-contrast AR display experience in a small form factor enabled by DLP technology. Companies that deploy DigiLens in their workspace will enhance the experience of the employees and also improve their employees’ productivity.

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