An Innovative Energy Management System for a Better Environment

An Innovative Energy Management System for a Better Environment

By Energy CIO Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

Energy efficiency is one of the most essential parts of an industry because it helps save money, conserve resources, and fight climate change, all at the same time. This has become more relevant recently with energy use in an industrial building on the rise. An EU initiative looks to tackle these problems by developing an energy management system that helps industries reduce electricity consumption.

The EU-funded project called EFICONSUMPTION aims to better energy efficiency through monitoring, modeling and smart management of electricity consumption. This system has produced two significant results in the industry. The direct effect has been that proper consumption of electricity has led to lower CO2 emissions. The other effect is that these savings, in turn, lead to business activities that have more sustainability and higher ROI.

The core system of the meter consists of a voltimetric clamp technology which measures electricity consumptions, cables temperatures and vibration parameters on the receptors. This is then analyzed by a big data software, included within the project, and sends automatic diagnosis to improve energy efficiency. This patented plug and play machine-to-machine device can directly be connected to electrical wires through a metallic spike, which prevents interruption of production or services during installation. This management system receives real-time data and establishes energy efficient consumption patterns and helps reduce electricity usage and costs.

Tests undertaken on the system at several plants of industrial and services companies have revealed that energy costs reduce by 20-40 percent. Additionally, the lesser energy use also contributes to proportionate reductions of carbon footprint.

EFICONSUMPTION provides benefits of efficient consumption of electrical resources, predictive maintenance, electricity savings, and lesser carbon footprint. Therefore, experts claim that the system has the power to boost the effectiveness of the European industry while protecting the environment.

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