Aira Fixes a New Standard for Wireless Charging with FreePower

Aira Fixes a New Standard for Wireless Charging with FreePower

By Energy CIO Insights | Thursday, September 03, 2020

FreePower is an innovative solution that provides complete freedom of placement on charging surfaces, from consumer electronics to automotive and furniture.

FREMONT, CA: Aira Inc. is excited to announce the launch of its game-changing FreePower wireless charging technology, with Nomad Goods' Base Station Pro's shipping. Aira is setting new standards for wireless charging with FreePower, elegant hardware, and software solutions that offer complete freedom of placement throughout surfaces. Designed and engineered in-house from the ground up, FreePower is a flexible platform that can accommodate different surface sizes and devices. As a technology supplier, Aira collaborates with companies that want to integrate free position wireless charging in their products.

FreePower is a new approach to wireless power, possessing more than 30 patent assets for its groundbreaking software, hardware, and magnetics. Opposed to the traditional wireless chargers, which need devices to be precisely aligned with a small hot spot, FreePower features a complete surface charging from corner to corner. As Qi-enabled devices are placed throughout the surface, extraordinary power is delivered and intelligently governed to optimize performance.

"Wireless charging has yet to deliver on its promise of convenience because of the small hot spot limitation," says Jake Slatnick, co-founder & CEO of Aira. "We made a decision early on to do something radically different and solve the core issues holding wireless power back. We built FreePower to be an elegant solution that sets the new standard for wireless power for years to come."

FreePower is poised to usher in a new time of convenience in every corner of our lives. It can transform the desks into surfaces that charge the laptop, keyboard, and mouse while one works. It can recharge all of the user's devices as they rest on their nightstand overnight. It can turn their car's center console into a reliable charging station instead of the traditional chargers that disconnect when their phone shifts during the drive. It can offer a seamless power throughout daily life in restaurants, cafes, and airports, with surfaces that effortlessly charges the user's devices.

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