AI can Transform the Power Sector

AI can Transform the Power Sector

By Energy CIO Insights | Wednesday, July 24, 2019

AI has great potential to better the affordability of electricity.

FREMONT, CA: With a rise in interest in the electric power industry, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) is already involved with more than 20 initiatives to realize the potential and limitations of artificial intelligence (AI). EPRI is analyzing and training AI algorithms that can be used to track a malfunctioning device and examine various images. They can be critical in pinpointing issues and repairs with limited human interference.

EPRI’s AI initiative aims to equip the power industry with safe, affordable, reliable, and clean energy. AI has great potential to better the affordability of electricity. It can also increase reliability by spotting high-risk and malfunctioning assets. It can also be crucial while gearing for proactive measures. Overall, the goal is to provide a multi-directional, effectively distributed, and complex power system to work seamlessly.

Bridging AI Organizations and Power Industry

Apart from the unprecedented increase in data collection and computing power, the power industry is aiming widespread AI deployment. Massive data have been collected across the sectors that were inherently unstructured and therefore of little to no value. With AI, tools are being developed to leverage these data and gain significant insight from them.
For instance, AI companies possess math and computer expertise. However, their physics background is often limited, which is essential to understand the dynamics of power systems and the environment that leads to the failure of power system assets.

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Data Explosion

AI solutions are built on massive, quality data. Power companies who are planning to work together are sharing data as they know that their AI solutions will benefit from it. Companies like EPRI are uniquely positioned to provide the necessary assistance because of the close collaboration among its utility members and subject matter experts. While data from a single source may not be enough, EPRI can collect and curate data for the industry and provide high-quality data sets required for AI solutions. Further, to focus and prioritize AI research, EPRI identifies 10 data sets that are most critical for power system AI applications and draws on input from utility executives. The data sets span the power sector from end-user to distribution, transmission, and, generation.

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