AI and IoT: The Change Makers in Electricity Production and...

AI and IoT: The Change Makers in Electricity Production and Consumption

By Energy CIO Insights | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Sustainability issues figure in every aspect of energy production and use. The requirement of electricity is at an all-time high and is increasing continuously. Many of the energy resources we have today are used for the production of electricity. The way natural resources are used and the pattern of consumption determine the level of sustainability that we can achieve. Technologies like artificial intelligence(AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have an essential role to play in making our electricity production and consumption activities environmental friendly and safe.

Better electricity production practices facilitate saving resources as well as reducing the number of greenhouse gases produced. The same makes it quintessential for companies to come up with smart solutions using AI and IoT. Each process involved in the energy sector, including planning, executing, and monitoring can leverage data to create and follow green practices. Smart grids are vital for ensuring a sustainable infrastructure in the electricity production sector. Smart grids allow much more flexibility and can handle renewable resources like wind energy and solar energy much better than the conventional networks used. Smart grids can combine many factors like demand, storage, and fluctuations to allow integrated functioning of grids and reduced costs. The excess energy, if generated, can be circulated back into the system without the danger of overloads.

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The capability of AI to collect and synchronize vast amounts of data is instrumental in the electricity sector as sensors can help companies collect information regarding usage and utilize it to allocate energy resources according to requirement. Both from the supply and the utilization sides, efficiency can be driven up substantially. Smart meters are one of the many applications of new technologies that can revolutionize how electricity is consumed. It reads individual consumption of appliances and can provide real-time information that can help consumers gain insight into how they use power and how they can save more.

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Adopting new technologies enable advanced infrastructure, and companies can couple it with data analytics to create systems that are many times better than the current ones. The planet can necessarily envision a better future if producers and consumers combine to form practical solutions.

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