Advancements in Solar Energy Technology

Advancements in Solar Energy Technology

By Energy CIO Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

Solar power panels are witnessing large developments in their design and operation. Since the beginning of the year 2018, the sector is leveraging a wide range of technological innovations for enhanced functionalities; various solar-powered devices such as wearable solar devices, solar batteries, and solar water purifiers have entered the market in the past year, to name a few.

Advancements in Solar Panel Efficiency

The solar cells or panels in the mainstream market could see significant improvements in its ability to generate more power while still being affordable. A breakthrough in solar power technology that captures and utilizes the surplus heat that is usually rejected by solar panels will double the efficiency of solar cells and lower the cost.

Wearable Solar Devices

Although wearable solar devices are not new in the market, they have been going through some changes to expand their reach to home products. For instance, technical innovation has made it possible to stitch tiny solar panels into the fabric of clothing. This new concept makes it possible for the solar panels to expand its reach into the everyday items and be used with window curtains and heated car seats.

Solar Batteries

The off-grid solar and solar plus storage has gained immense popularity in quite a few western countries. It is the clean energy that can not only power the domestic household items but can also be utilized for the commercial purpose. Although solar batteries are not common yet, their ability to store renewable energy is expected to aid the energy storage industry to grow at a rapid rate.

Solar Water Purifiers

UV rays are known for destroying bacteria and germs present in the water. Taking a cue from the same, researchers at Stanford University along with the Department of Energy developed a new solar device that can purify water when exposed to the sunlight. The developed minuscule tablet, roughly the size of a postage stamp, can be considered to be one of the significant strides towards utilizing solar energy to clean water.  The invented tablet can access visible light and requires only a few minutes to produce clean drinking water.

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