Advanced Energy Reveals Industry's First Big Data Analytics...

Advanced Energy Reveals Industry's First Big Data Analytics Solution, PowerInsight

Energy CIO Insights | Monday, March 30, 2020

The energy sector is entering a new era with Advanced Energy’s PowerInsight, the first of its kind big data analytics solution that leverages Machine Learning as well.

FREMONT, CA: Advanced Energy Industries, Inc., a leading highly engineered, precision power conversion, measurement and control solutions company launched the industry’s first big data analytics enabling solution for critical power delivery solutions—PowerInsight. The solution leverages advanced analytics and enhanced data sets to turn the acquired data from power delivery systems into useable insights. The insights enable manufacturers to reduce costs, maximise performance, and improve yield in the process.

PowerInsight leverages machine learning with modern data science methodologies to drive advanced diagnostics and predictive analytics for process power applications and equipment. The solution is developed for the services and industrial manufacturing markets and to complement existing industry solutions with a focus on power delivery. The platform was designed to support customer’s big data and artificial intelligence initiatives by offering empowering infrastructure and data sets.

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Isabel Yang, the senior vice president and chief technology officer of Advanced Energy believes that data-driven decision making based on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is crucial for manufacturing industries. However, the data is not useful until it is transformed into digestible and actionable information. With the assistance of PowerInsight, the critical components are turned into nodes that power the Industry 4.0 providing the users with insights to operate their systems efficiently and solve problems quickly. “The initial feedback from our customers demonstrating material improvement, cost and process performance has been remarkably positive,” she extols.:

PowerInsight enables optimization of smart factory by combining AE’s 30 years of domain experience in the power delivery with rich, streamlined, and contextualized data sets. The platform provides unique insights on power delivery systems to maximize power delivery and performance minimize costly unplanned equipment downtime and improve yield. PowerInsight uses unique additional signals to enable fault detection and classification for process parameter correlations and expand to self-diagnostics of power delivery systems over a course of time.  PowerInsight offers flexible deployment options with both on-premise and hybrid cloud options and it is available to the company’s clients through AE’s global service organization. The platform can be configured and tuned to address specific customer needs and it will be available for semiconductor applications shortly.

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