ABB and Hydrogen Optimized Collaborate for Development of...

ABB and Hydrogen Optimized Collaborate for Development of Large-Scale Green Hydrogen Production Systems

Energy CIO Insights | Tuesday, September 22, 2020

ABB and Hydrogen Optimized have partnered to explore the development of large-scale green hydrogen production systems connected to the electrical grid.

FREMONT, CA: ABB, a global technology company, and Hydrogen Optimized have decided to cooperatively explore the development of large-scale green hydrogen production systems connected to the electrical grid. The course will provide a clean, sustainable, and affordable energy source.

Hydrogen Optimized is determined to utilize its high current water electrolysis technology at a broader scale so that it can produce green hydrogen for the developing clean applications across industries, which includes chemical, utility, and transportation. Furthermore, ABB’s hydrogen research team will explore the electrical power supply optimization with the help of projects that involves ABB high power rectifier (HPR) systems.

Both the companies have planned to demonstrate that Hydrogen Optimizeds RuggedCell water electrolysis technology can be utilized for developing an integrated product solution that will be based on a 100MW single module plant design concept.

ABB is a prominent global supplier of high-power rectifiers for any industrial application, offering maximum availability, highest productivity, and with a high priority on personnel safety. In its HPR range, the rectifier systems offer DC current in the range of 5,000A to 550,000A, as single or multiple units. It can also provide nearly unlimited current and voltage combinations and meet most of the plant-specific requirements.

Andrew T.B. Stuart, President and CEO of Hydrogen Optimized, explained, “ABB is a world leader in the control and electrification solutions designed for large-scale electrochemical processes.” “Such technology is an excellent fit with our patent pending RuggedCell. Together these technologies create a continuous reduction in the installed capital cost as the scale of the green hydrogen project increases. Our joint work will lay the foundations for single-plant sizes up to the hundreds of MWs input power range. Demonstrating the scalability of these two key components of a water electrolysis installation is vital to economic green hydrogen and we are excited about the potential benefits for customers.”

The MoU that has been signed by the companies formalizes the agreement. With the help of it, they can explore the implementation of a demonstration system along with the preparation of a 100MW plant design and commercialization strategies.

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