5 Cutting Edge Energy Technologies Necessary in the Green New Deal

5 Cutting Edge Energy Technologies Necessary in the Green New Deal

By Energy CIO Insights | Monday, June 03, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The Draft for The Green New Deal is being worked on to innovate technologies that will battle climate change. Preventing the devastation of the planet and communities needs to be focused on primarily. The five strains of science and industry that are in developmental stages, but are vital for saving the earth are:

Electric Planes:

Studies show that air travel accounts for approximately 9 percent of the greenhouse gases (GHGs) produced in the U.S. 

A green solution to the suggestion is hybrid electric planes as it is a cleaner alternative. Few startups have already built and tested prototypes of an all-electric and hybrid-electric planes that could reach around 650-mile trips.

Better Batteries:

The demand for lithium has skyrocketed in recent years with the development of electric cars in the automotive industry. Although the growth of eco-friendly vehicles is useful for reducing GHGs in cities, it is disastrous for the regions that hold lithium, cobalt, and nickel mines. These mining processes require large quantities of water, almost around 500,000 gallons per ton, which leads to a drinking water crisis.

The search has started on the creation of an alternative called Faraday battery challenge, coined after British electrochemist Michael Faraday. The challenge is to improve Li-ion batteries while simultaneously creating alternatives.

Gravity-Based Storage:

Although wind and sunlight are renewable sources of energy, they occur intermittently creating a necessity for storage of energy in case of dry spells. But implementation on a large scale has been a challenge and is expensive. Many startups have carried out testing for gravity-based storage, where the energy is re-capacitated with the force of gravity.

Perovskite Solar Panels:

The Perovskite is a mineral, which was first found in the Russian Ural Mountains in 1839, its physical form is a highly unusual crystal makeup, and the mineral possesses characters like superconductivity. Scientists have been researching how Perovskite could be used to absorb light and defeat silicon semiconductors in the battle of solar supremacy. Perovskite solar cells possess more efficiency than photovoltaic technologies

Carbon Farming:

The livestock industry is accountable for approximately 14.5 percent of the world’s GHG emissions. A potential solution is “Carbon Farming”, which is commonly defined as carbon dioxide emission controlling, with the practices that reinforce plant photosynthesis, increase soil organic matter, and decrease erosion. These practices include everything from composting to adding carbon sinks to farming methodologies.

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