3 Promising Emerging Energies

3 Promising Emerging Energies

By Energy CIO Insights | Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The energy industry is moving away from fossil fuels and adopting new energy technologies. However, a few of these energies are still in development phase and need a lot of refinement.

Fremont, CA: The modern world is becoming aware of energy sources, and the energy providers are making a massive investment in the technologies involved with the energy. As investments increase, modern energy solutions are growing to utility scales, and with growth, the energy projects face more engineering and practice-based challenges. Here are a few emerging energies that are yet to see the daylight.   

Tidal Power

The concept of generating power by tides is not new, yet it has not been developed at scale. The Swansea Tidal Lagoon has been designed in a U-shaped 9.5 km breakwater wall with a bank of 16 hydro turbines inside it. The project will be built on the Swansea coast and will be supported by Swansea-based Tidal Lagoon Power. According to the company, the power generation capacity of the project is 320MW and supply power to 155,000 homes by operating 14 hours a day.   

Wave Farm

Similar to tidal power, wave farm generates power from the ceaseless movement of the ocean. However, a full-scale wave plant is still not in operation. Making strides in this field is an Australia-based wave energy technology company Carnegie Clean Energy that has developed CETO, a unique, fully submerged point absorber wave energy system. The system consists of a buoy that is submerged a few meters below the ocean surface. The buoy moves with the ocean’s waves, which drives a power take-off system that converts motion into energy. As per company statements, the CETO technology has been developed over 15 years.

Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion is considered the finest energy source in theory. Fusing two nuclei from separate light atoms to create a single dense core that releases a vast amount of excess energy without emissions. This technology is still in its infancy stage, and while it promises safe and carbon-free power, it requires vast technological development and massive capital investments. The UK Atomic Energy Agency (UKAEA) announced to open a 22 million Euro fusion energy research facility in Rotherham in 2020 to commercialize fusion development.

Emerging energies have a lot of potential in the energy industry as they promise to provide clean and green energy without any emissions. However, full-scale adoption may take some years.

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