The energy storage market is in the midst of a significant change. The emergence of large-scale storage capabilities is re-shaping the expectations and preferences of power grid operators and energy incumbents across the world. On the other hand, increasing regulatory burdens, environmental mandates, and rising competition due falling prices of energy storage systems are further compounding the level of disruption in the energy storage industry.Challenges in meeting today's energy demands are complicated. The power infrastructure must be able to balance supply and demand instantaneously. To this end, energy storage technologies are becoming crucial for enabling the effective integration of renewable energy and unlocking the benefits of a clean and resilient energy supply.Simultaneously, to strengthen energy's peaking capacity on the grid side, energy storage systems are continually streamlining production processes, tracking planned output, and providing frequency regulation. In some instances, particularly in large-scale projects, energy storage systems help address the power regulation and integration issues. Over the years, another major selling point of the energy storage systems has been backup power solutions. Bringing enhancements in backup power storage, today, both distributed customers as well as utilities are incessantly utilizing battery systems, such as lithium-ion and vanadium redox flow batteries to improve the resilience of power supply, while concurrently mitigating the effects of power outages caused by natural disasters or grid equipment failures. In the coming years, it is estimated that the commercialization of energy storage will not only stir up the stagnated power sector reforms, but also bolster traditional energy sectors like the oil and gas industries. As enablers at the helm of this transformation, Energy CIO Insights' editorial board has evaluated the leading-edge energy storage solution providers in the market that are not only helping ensure greater energy efficiency but also evoke a new future for the energy market.Let us know your thoughts.EditorialA Promising Future for Energy StorageMARCH - APRIL, 2018Managing EditorLaura DavisEditorial StaffVisualizersMatt RyderAnil KumarSalesContact Us:Phone:510.936.8381, Fax:510-894-8405Email:sales@energycioinsights.comeditor@energycioinsights.commarketing@energycioinsights.comVincent Georgevincent@energycioinsights.comBrian JacksonJonathan SmithPooja RayElizabeth LeeJudy SimonRobert JonesENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM SPECIALCopyright© 2018 ValleyMedia Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part of any text, photography or illustrations without written permission from the publisher is prohibited. The publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, photographs or illustrations. Views and opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the magazine and accordingly, no liability is assumed by the publisher thereof.*Some of the Insights are based on the interviews with respective CIOs and CXOs to our editorial staffLaura DavisManaging EditorEnergy CIO Insights MARCH - APRIL 2018, Vol 03- Issue 01 Published Monthly by ValleyMedia Inc. To subscribe to Energy CIO InsightsVisit
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