| | MARCH 201819IN THE BIG SHIFT, ANALYTICS DRIVE OPPORTUNITIES.It's the big shift ­ the world is changing dramatically for electric utilities. Now there is a pressing need to connect with customers and use data to understand new revenue generation and cost-saving measures. SIMPTEK'S ANALYTICS DRIVE OPPORTUNITIES FOR UTILITIES AND PROPERTY OWNERS, ENSURING YOU WON'T GET LEFT BEHIND.INFORMATIONUse the power of big data analytics to go deep, giving utility customers a personal dashboard to understand energy usage.INSIGHTS Utilities can manage relationships with customers, including uncovering new revenue generation and cost-saving opportunities. ACTION SimpTek's growing marketplace connects consumers to a wide range of products and services to help them manage energy usage.SIMPTEK WILL HELP YOUR UTILITY PUT DATA TO WORK. For more information visit simptekinc.com
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