| | July 20152ENERGY" You Told Us What Keeps You Up at Night... Let's Put These Issues to Bed. "Allegro. Driving Innovation in CTRM to Help Utilities andPower Companies Evaluate, Adapt and CompeteThe Industry's Biggest Challenges and Opportunities, According to YouIn a recent survey by UtilityAnalytics Institute, Allegro asked a group of leading power and utilitiesexecutives to comment on the most important challenges and opportunities the industry faces heading into 2015. According to our representative group of your peers, the changing face of government regulation in the industry is driving you to upgrade your reporting systems. Meanwhile, an evolving, multi-dimensional fuel mix is affecting short- and long-term energy prices, significantly influencing your cost of doing business. As renewables, low-cost coal and increased availability of natural gas enter the picture, operationalaccountability becomes even more complex. Enhanced communications up and down the supply chain is needed to keep everyone on the same page. And, with so much information scattered across the grid, it's more difficult than ever to laser in on what really matters. The last thing you need is a major storm or catastrophe to strike. Is there any question as to why you have trouble sleeping at night?
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